Site Design and Development

Website Design That Actually Gets Traffic

Would you trust an architect to wield the trowel and build your house?  Having employed two at various times to build ours I know I wouldn’t.

Well, in my opinion, and it is only mine of course, I wouldn’t employ a web designer to develop a website when the design is finished either.  How a site looks is vital for conversions and branding, BUT how a site is built is vital for rankings.

If it’s not built properly then you are either not going to rank at all or you not going to rank where you deserve to be.  What is the point of spending money on a great looking site if no-one sees it?

After seeing the results of other people’s work and the effect that a badly handled re-design had on more than one customers rankings we know just how important a well developed site is.


I you are looking for a site that is designed and built with SEO in mind, rather than one that looks pretty but is pretty useless for traffic, pick up the phone and call us.