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Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Trowbridge is a quaint little town found in the outskirts of Wiltshire. Originally a small market down, the industrial revolution and the prominence that Trowbridge had in clothing manufacture, the town exploded in size. At one point, it was dubbed ‘The Manchester of the West’. While the town is significantly smaller than Manchester is now, it is still buzzing with culture and there is a lot of history to discover in this remarkable place.

The History of Trowbridge

There has been a human presence in Trowbridge for at least 3,000 years. While the human presence was not huge, by the time the Domesday Book rolled around, there were 24 households built in the area. In fact, according to the Domesday Book, the largest landowner in all of Wiltshire resided in Trowbridge at the time.

While we don’t know the first time that a castle was built in Trowbridge, we do know that it was besieged in 1139. Very little of the castle exists nowadays. We are not even sure what type of castle it was. If you are in Trowbridge, then you may be interested to know that Fore Street was built upon the old castle ditch.

Trowbridge really started to become popular during the 14th Century when it was known for its woolen cloth production. Trowbridge did not exactly embrace the industrial revolution as well as other parts of the UK at the time. Several people were hanged for speaking out against the revolution and machine breaking was the norm. Thankfully, this was eventually put aside, and Trowbridge became one of the largest cloth manufacturers outside of Manchester by the 19th Century.

One interesting thing to note about Trowbridge is the Ushers of Trowbridge brewery. While they have long shut down, all their equipment was shipped over to North Korea in 2000. This equipment was used to create bottled beer in the same style that had been produced in Trowbridge at the time. Lovers of Ushers of Trowbridge will be disappointed to know that their favourite tipple can’t be purchased outside of North Korea or China.

What To Do in Trowbridge

Despite being small, there is plenty to do within the town of Trowbridge. For starters; you can walk around and gaze at the stunning architecture. A real highlight comes from walking around the Newtown area which is mostly Victorian houses. You can also see the buildings from the old textile industry. If you want a glance into what life was like back in Trowbridge during the Victorian period, then you may even want to wander to Studley Pump. This is an old Victorian drinking fountain.

While the shopping centre in Trowbridge is very ‘concentrated’ on a area, there is still a surprising number of shops to visit. Both the Shires and Castle Place shopping centres provide a significant number of shops to explore, including both big names and independent retailers. The newly opened Civic Centre in Trowbridge is also home to several offices, many of whom are no doubt using commercial.

The best part is that this is a town which really seems to care about the history it boasts. Many older buildings are being restored, and investment is being poured into developing the shopping areas. While it is a far cry from rivalling Manchester like it did in the past, Trowbridge is still a tremendous place to visit.