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In this quick hangout we are talking about how to set-up your videos and optimise them to get quick rank results on YouTube. There are many training programmes out there that will teach you how to make a great video, but THIS video is about getting yourself ready to rnake a video that ranks highly in Bath in particular.

Here are some bonus tips:

1) Video Tags There is always numerous discussion on how many tags should be incorporated after a video upload. We are going to end that discussion very quickly. Everyone is allowed 500 characters within the tags area. ALL 500 characters should be used every single time. We have tested this numerous times and every time more tags has equaled more traffic.

2) Video Descriptions The video description is also one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to proper on-page optimization for videos. This section alone could be the difference between ranking very well and not showing up in the search engines. Some people say short descriptions are the best, others say very long ones. We agree with the latter. Using all the characters you have available within your description will help you rank your videos tremendously. Now, there is a very specific way to setup your description that will optimize sales and rankings. Contact me for information about that. (Can’t give everything away from free now can I?)

3) Video Location Imputing a video location is the most under-utilized on-page booster in the industry. Only a few video marketers use their locations to their advantage. This step is a lot more important when it comes to local vseo, however giving YouTube your location does give your videos a boost on top of you gaining a symbol of trust. When you upload your location, YouTube see’s you as a real person or business and thus gives you favorable rankings. All of a sudden, you aren’t a YouTube spammer and so you get a bit of a reward for that.

4) Video Date Putting the date of your recording within your advanced YouTube options doesn’t help significantly with rankings. That said, it will benefit in these 2 ways: A) Increase your trust factor even further (which combined with your video location gives you a small ranking boost) and B) Guards your videos when someone rips them off and you have to file copyright claims.

5) Video Channel Info If you match up your channel info (like I have, but with my personal ‘brand’ in this case) with your video titles, tags & description, YouTube will love you. Essentially, you give YouTube exactly what they need from you. They will know exactly where to put you and for what (without them having to do guess work). Every upload will result in a boost due to channel relativity matched with your video on-page optimization.

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