Optimise Your YouTube Channel For Maximum Effect

Video marketing just gets keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Any business (and especially local business with a local customer base) are missing a huge trick if they are not using video.

But, as more people see the light and the competition gets hotter, it’s more important than ever to get the basics right before you start uploading to .

Channel Optimistation is a Must.  Here is a quick tutorial on setting up yout YT channel for maximum effect.

Pre-Video Factors

One of the easiest ways to give yourself a step up on the competition is to have a strong channel. To build the channel, we will do the following:

Fill in your channel with your company info, and links to your site and social media

Set up your Channel Art, icon, and WaterMark (in InVideo Programming)

Become a YouTube Partner and Monetize the account (in Channel Settings)

Associate Your Website and verify it!

And you’re done!  Simple when you know how.

If any of the above does not make sense to you hit me up by email to office@bathseoexpert.com or message me on facebook or G+.

The next step is to optimise your video BEFORE you upload it.

VERY importante!

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