Linking Tip #1

Here’s a video made for The Wiltshire Business Club facebook group.  A free way to get local and niche links for your website.  Just do it, ok?  but first click here, like and follow our FB page


Linking Tip Number One – Transcription

Hello everyone, it’s Ian Pritchard here, from SEO and marketing. Okay. So, I promised I will get details out today, Wednesday and I’ve been having a think about it and I reckon, the best way to do it is just do a quick video and then if anybody’s got any questions, they can fire them away in the Facebook comments group. So, how can we easily help each other?


Right. With our websites, this is good old-fashioned link wheel in with a very small, tiniest twist. Now, if you’ve heard of link wheels before, you may have heard that they don’t work but I can assure you that they do. They really, really can work really, really well. So, here’s what we’re gonna do or what I suggest you do is entirely up to you, whether you do it, of course, but it’s a easy thing to do, it’s fairly straightforward, takes a little bit of contact in people, but, you know, we’ve got a Facebook group or Rowland’s got a Facebook group with a thousand people.


I mean, I have no idea how many of those are actually active, probably, not many, judging by the amount of comments going on at the moment but there we are. There’s a thousand people in there and you’ve got them – all their details-  you’ve got Facebook Messenger, you’ll find out their businesses, and you can get in touch with them to see if you can help. So, here’s what we can do, on your website page…


Actually, no, I’ll show you what a link wheel is first, just in case you don’t know. So let’s have a quick look at this, if I turn on drawing here, so here is a group of sites, okay? So, A, might be your site. B, might be Aunt Fanny’s down the road, it could be anybody but let’s go through this. If you’ve got any questions, pop them in the group as I said. So, you build a resources page or a links page, and I’ll give you some tips on how to do that in a minute. And what you’re gonna do, you’re gonna constantly say, do you mind if I send you a link? And I’d like you to send a link too but I want you to send it not to me but somebody else.


Oh, here we go. So, Site A will link to Site B, it will link to Site C, it will link to Site D, and so on. Okay, so Site A will link to all of these Sites. This is just one way of doing it by the way, there’s many, many ways of doing it but if you haven’t been getting links from local businesses, you really, really must start local links and we’ll build local relevance. Those local sites are gonna have other links coming back into them. That juice is gonna pass through and if it’s local, that’s all great. Okay. So, there we go, Site A is gonna link to other sites, actually, strictly speaking, I beg your pardon, it’s not gonna link to Site I, forget that. Okay, it’s been a long time since I’ve done these videos. Site B, choose a brown color, Site B is gonna link to C, D, E, F, G, H, and I but it’s not gonna link to Site A. Site C is gonna link the Site D, E, F, it start to look like one of those pin boards. Do you remember play with those when you were young? We’ve got the pins in a circle then you tie thread between them. So B goes to everyone except A. C goes to everyone except B. D goes to everyone except C. E goes to everyone except D, and so on and so on. Okay, this is not rocket science but it does take a little bit of organizing but it’s worth it. Okay. So, how, here’s some ideas for how you get this done. So you need to build a resources page, you call it what you want, call it Local Businesses, Local Online Businesses That We Support, or just Resources. What you need to, but reminders that you do not put your resources page in the menu, do not link to it from anywhere on your website. It’s an orphan page. Okay, an orphan page. I would suggest that you use headings. I’ll show you some in a minute, I’ll show an example. And here’s an example of a customer of mine who runs a guitar school, very successful guitar school over in. So, there we go, this is my customer’s resources page for his main website. He has a number of websites that we take care of, and is really starting to own the guitar trade, guitar training teaching business over there.


So, this is his resources page. As I mentioned, there is an orphan page, do not link it to on the menu. I’m not going to show you the website address for privacy reasons. So as you can see, he’s put headings. So, he’s got Producers and Artists Online Resources, that’s the top. I would suggest you do that. Okay, call it Local Businesses, call it Local Businesses that we know and trust one level, think of the bee’s knees or whatever you want to call it, just, you know, just put your own little thing in there. Each, excuse me, each link needs to have a bit of paragraph of text around it, don’t just put a link. Okay. Get the person that you’re linking to, to give you just one or two sentences, one very tiny paragraph on what they want to say about their business. So, this one, stop struggling to improve your neoclassical playing and shred guitar technique on your own. Why shred? Have you met with something? Anyway, it’s not your fault if you haven’t reached this goal yet, you simply haven’t taught in the best way possible to master neoclassical guitar playing. Learn about the best guitar shredding lessons. So, this is his anchor text of the link as you can see here, but you can’t see this because it’s not covered by the video, shooting the area covered by the video but that actually links to the root domain back to a main, the home page, not to an inner page, and all of these do, all of these do. As you can see, look, there’s loads on there. And in subheadings, you know, Artists Music Teachers in this particular case, make sure you got the link within, a little bit of text again. Again, not hard. If somebody says, “Yeah, I’ll do the link but I haven’t got a clue how to do it.” Write the text forum, you know, it’s takes you what five minutes just to think of something to say about their local business, say about the business rather, local or not, it doesn’t matter mostly.


I mean, little loads and loads and loads and loads, there’s even some in different language, makes no difference. I promise you, Google is, they don’t care, you know, it’s all algorithmic. They didn’t taking no notice of you, none at all. Well, hopefully, they’re taking enough notice to rank you but they’re not looking at you, you know, they’re really not. So, there was another one of my customers in there, I can even know then coming in, that’s a new one. So, you can see how many links that are, at the bottom of the page, put the last updated. That’s always a nice little thing, the bots will pick it up. And it helps you to keep a track, it really does. And then, just put a little bit of a text at the bottom. Hope you enjoy these links to local businesses or services that we use or no offer, whatever you want to call it. If you don’t want to lie which I obviously don’t recommend, then. And that’s it, you know, that is all the resources page needs to look like. For these headings, you could have, I don’t know, whatever they are, lawyers, butchers candlestick makers, whatever it is. Okay. So, there we are, we go back to the mind map now. So, you’re gonna link to the root domain, not only in a page, you’re going to link to the actual URL of your main home page. If you can get links coming in that are on topic in the same business, you’re gonna go gangbusters. There’s quite a few networks around that do that, I do it for a couple of niches but they are quite. Well, their niche but if you can bring it get links from other businesses that are in the same business that you are, from an orphan resource page to your home page, you are, it’s gonna work so well for you, it really is. If you cannot get enough links from other businesses, just get local links, local links will help you, local businesses will help you. They will build the relevancy for a local market for your website.


If you’re a local business or service business serving people locally or people come to you, to your shop, whatever it is, if you can get links from local businesses, you’re gonna be very happy. If you can get links from other businesses that are in the same business as you, your will be even the happier. I don’t know why that’s there. I’d have to do this in a hurry. I did, I promise to get out Wednesday. It’s just been one of those weeks, you know. I’m not my friends as it, honest-to-goodness that is, it doesn’t get any simpler than that to give yourself a free boost to your website, but just remember, don’t swap links from A to B, and from B to A. A goes to B to C to D, you can do all that. You don’t have to have A, B’s, you know, that have to have that many, just get as many as you can. Okay. And that’s it, that really is it. If you’ve got any questions at all, if you’ve got any concerns at all, you want to know anything about how it works or even if you want just a couple of tips on how to organize it in your own industry, ping me, put it in the comments or PM me, and we’ll, I will answer you as soon as I possibly can. I can’t promise to answer straight away. I work odd hours because, hey, I mean, I see, you know, I can work forever hours, I want a happy days so I don’t, I’m not always around nine to five but I from nine to five, I can assure you like all you guys, I’m doing my hours. I’m really putting them in so it’s so 12 or 14 hours a day at the moment because we’re busy which is lovely, lovely.


There, there we go. So, all the best to everybody in the Wiltshire Business Club Facebook Group and get link building.