The Boss.

Although I look friendly, I am normally pretty shy with people I do not know.  I tend to wait for businesses to approach me rather than ‘pushing’ what we do to improve (greatly, by the way) the results that we provide.


I rarely, use social media in my private life (although that does seem to be increasing) And YET>….I 100% love social media for business use.  WHEN IT MAKE SENSE!  If it’s not going to increase the bottom line, then I just don’t see the point of it.  Some business owners start off thinking that they can start posting on social media that people will flock to them.  Which is a pretty cooool idea. In theory.
And if it works for you, Happy Days!

However, sometimes/mostly/oftentimes social media alone is not going to get you to where you want your business to be!  The trick is to recognise that BEFORE you run out of money or energy!

A few short (and hopefully, interesting) conversations could quickly uncover a few different marketing strategies to guarantee that your business dreams come true.


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